Merger Control

Mergers and acquisitions often require multiple filings with competition law authorities. Thanks to our years of experience in this field, BUNTSCHECK can expertly guide you through this complex process:

  • Prior to the transaction, we provide strategic advice about how you can minimise your exposure to merger control risk.
  • We undertake competition law due diligence on your behalf.
  • We identify all regulatory submissions which you will be required to make, worldwide.
  • During contractual negotiations, we provide advice on all legal aspects of merger control.
  • We notify the German Federal Cartel Office or the European Commission of your project and represent your undertaking in merger control proceedings.
  • If additional merger control proceedings are required in other jurisdictions, we coordinate this process worldwide on your behalf, working with members of our trusted network of specialist law firms.
  • We can also advise you should you wish to intervene as an interested party in merger control proceedings involving third parties.
  • If, as a strategic investor or financier, you seek an informed opinion on the prospects of a particular merger control case, you can benefit from our professional insight.


Automotive industry

Paragon Partners / Europart
Trost-Group / KSM

Retail and Logistics

AUCTUS Capital / Ontime Courier


Dabero / icubic
IT Networks Group / magellan netzwerke

Machine and plant engineering

AUCTUS Capital / Italpresse
Paragon Partners / ASIC Robotic
WEG / Watt Drive

Media And Entertainment

Novomatic / Casino Royal
Tele München / ODEON Film
Verlagsgruppe Passau / Donaukurier

Pharmaceuticals And Health

Paragon Partners / UCB Innere Medizin
TFS / SCIderm
YES / Pharmalex


Allianz / AVS
AUCTUS Capital / Ontime Courier

Temporary work / personnel services

AUCTUS Capital / TimePartner
JR Holding / Gess-Gruppe