Mergers and acquisitions often require multiple filings with competition law authorities. Thanks to our years of experience in this field, BUNTSCHECK can expertly guide you through this complex process:

  • Prior to the transaction, we provide strategic advice about how you can minimise your exposure to merger control risk.
  • We undertake competition law due diligence on your behalf.
  • We identify all regulatory submissions which you will be required to make, worldwide.
  • During contractual negotiations, we provide advice on all legal aspects of merger control.
  • We notify the German Federal Cartel Office or the European Commission of your project and represent your undertaking in merger control proceedings.
  • If additional merger control proceedings are required in other jurisdictions, we coordinate this process worldwide on your behalf, working with members of our trusted network of specialist law firms.
  • We can also advise you should you wish to intervene as an interested party in merger control proceedings involving third parties.
  • If, as a strategic investor or financier, you seek an informed opinion on the prospects of a particular merger control case, you can benefit from our professional insight.


Automotive industry

Trost-Group / KSM

Retail and Logistics

AUCTUS Capital / Ontime Courier


Dabero / icubic
IT Networks Group / magellan netzwerke


Paragon Partners / Castolin Eutectic


Allianz / AVS
AUCTUS Capital / Ontime Courier

Machine and plant engineering

AUCTUS Capital / Italpresse
Paragon Partners / ASIC Robotic
WEG / Watt Drive

Media And Entertainment

Novomatic / Casino Royal
Paragon Partners / WEKA-Group
Tele München / ODEON Film
Verlagsgruppe Passau / Donaukurier

Pharma And Health

Paragon Partners / UCB Innere Medizin
TFS / SCIderm
YES / Pharmalex

Temporary work / personnel services

AUCTUS Capital / TimePartner
JR Holding / Gess-Gruppe